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Why should you waterproof your home?

Posted by Article Author on March 23, 2017
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When people talk about making their homes waterproof, mostly the idea is exterior. They think about probably using paint that is waterproof to keep the look of their home intact, but what’s important is to waterproof your home on the interior as well. Here are a few reasons why.

waterproof your home

  • Saves Money on Insurance Claims – A good percentage of your insurance claims are eaten up by water damage of some form or the other. Many homeowners do not realize is that water damage can result from a small trickle – not necessarily a big surge during a storm. A few drops here and there can add up to extensive damage, so a simple investment in basement waterproofing can save hundreds of dollars in the long run.
  • Reduces the Risk of Flooding – A small leak can quickly turn into a flood within a matter of seconds. Waterproofing will affect the way water interacts with your home, for example, by sealing foundation cracks that are unseen to the naked eye or diverting ground water away from your home through a French drain.
  • Creates a Healthier Home – Water leakage could cause damp areas in your home. This gives rise for the formation of molds and other such organisms that might infest your home and spread illnesses.
  • Limits Electricity Use in the Home – The idea is simple; since damp air costs more to heat and cool, if you make use of basement waterproofing you will save on your annual energy use.
  • Protects the Structure Your Home – Moist soil can mean that your home’s foundation is prone to water seepage, and this seepage usually affects the joints and edges where the floor meets the wall. Since these areas are hidden away from sight, water can cause a lot of damage even before you notice it, damage such as bowed walls or large foundation cracks. These problems can be incredibly frustrating to fix, and if ignored for a long time can be devastating to your home.
  • Safety – As we all know water and electricity do not work together. It would be extremely fatal if there is a short circuit or any other electrical hazard and you home is not waterproof. A small leak, or contact with water could bring your entire house down.
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