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Tips to minimize house moving stress

Posted by Article Author on March 4, 2017
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Moving is always something strenuous especially when you’re going in blindfolded with no help. Most of the people go into a lot of stress and overwork themselves during this time. So here a few pointers that might help ease the process.

minimize house moving stress

  • Donate,  dispose and auction – One of the biggest mistakes that people usually do when they move is that they carry all the clutter along with them. There are a number of things that you could do just to get rid of all the junk. Having a garage sale is one idea, you could also donate. It always helps and is also a win-win for everyone.
  • Notify authorities – This is something everyone remembers to do only after they shift. This prolongs the stress of moving till to end. So what you would want to do is notify your bank and other places that might require your house address for transactions.
  • Segregate – Segregate all your things so that you know what kind of packaging each of them would require. This would make you acquire the right kind of packaging even before beginning to pack.  You wouldn’t want to be running around for bubble wrap or anything while packing up.
  • Clean your calendar – Make sure you notify your boss firstly. Take a few days off so that you can systematically start packing up. Make sure you sort out anything that needs to be taken care of, got a nanny to take care of the kids, get the help to stay around for longer.
  • Accumulate boxes – This is a NEED. Get all kinds of sized boxes for different things as well. It helps in making sure your belongings are safe so that you don’t unnecessarily leave out things that might not have a box to accommodate them.
  • Take note – All your valuables at home; make sure you have taken a note of them. Make sure you got it on paper so that you know the number of things you have, this helps you cross check once you’ve got to your new place as well.
  • Protect your belongings – Get the right kind of packaging for all your belongings. Don’t compromise when it comes to this because a number of things can go wrong while packaging. It is better you take into account all of it and make sure you have what is needed.
  • Label – Label all the boxes with the item it holds. This helps you be sure about the things that you’ve already packed and once you get to your new home you wouldn’t have to run around searching for everything as well.
  • Hire help – If you don’t have a domestic help, I suggest you hire someone just for this time. It’ll help things move a bit faster and would also reduce the workload that you might have otherwise.
  • Movers – If you don’t have too many things that needed to be moved then it’s fine. But if you have some heavy goods it’s better you take the help of movers and packers that may ease the process for you.
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