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9 tips to make your living room look trendy

Posted by Article Author on March 5, 2017
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Everyone wants their living room to look welcoming. You don’t need to be in accordance with the trend at the moment. Even if you believe in being old fashioned make sure it’s something that would attract both old and young. Here are a few tips that you could work around.

make living room look trendy

  • Work well with space – First things come first, work with the space you have or create more space. What do I mean with this? If you have the space you require, all well and good. Even with small spaces, a lot can be then if you know how to accessorize and color coordinate. This we will come to a bit later. If you don’t have enough space what you could do is create an illusion of it. Use mirrors, bigger windows, higher ceiling, white flooring, these are a few ways in which you could create and illusion.
  • Use plants – Plants in a living room always add onto the aesthetic appeal of the room. The key is to add different kinds. That is small ones and big ones. They’ll also add a lot more pattern to the room, which is good, gives variation.
  • Lighting – Obviously you need a good lighting in the living room, but use different kinds of sources. That is from lampshades to domes to lanterns. Maybe even candles at a corner table would be a good idea. The idea is to brighten the place with a lot of variations. This creates interest.
  • Gradation – Speaking of creating interest. So what this means is that you create a point of focus, and it continues to move onto other objects from there. Technically in either increasing or decreasing order. Works with objects say on a shelf, even Photo frames, you could have one big, medium and a small one.
  • Paintings – Have a nice big center focus in your living room. It would be better if this one was a painting on the wall. Some people prefer to have sofas as the center as well. You can either have a painting or, one wall in a really stand put kind of way.
  • Add a touch of your personality – Make sure your living room includes you. You don’t really have to spend a lot of money if you decide to paint or draw or make things yourself. This adds a lot more personality and story to your living room which is always the most welcoming thing. You could reuse things you have lying around to create new usable furniture.
  • Wall hangings – You don’t have to have a big painting or a really pretty wall if you can decorate it yourself. There are a number of things you can make use of to do this. Photographs can be one, post-its are always a great way of filling up spaces, slogans and quotes add a lot more content.
  • Furniture – Pick the right kind of furniture for the space that you have. It’s okay to go in for a complete furniture set but if you have a small space you can experiment a little. Try keeping different kinds of chairs, maybe just one couch.
  • Don’t overdo – Whatever it is, do not over do it. You don’t want to confuse your guests with a lot of things to look at. I think is where we can talk about colors. I think it’s best to keep the living room vibrant; you could go in for a monochrome kind of theme if the place is small. If not you can play around with colors and patterns. If you are still confused just take a look at the color wheel and pair the colors opposite to each other on the wheel.
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