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Safety tips for a safe home for kids

Posted by Article Author on March 23, 2017
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Nowadays working parents are always in a state of worry when their kids are alone at home. Home safety for your kids can be ensured with the new advancements in technology. But it also begins with the parents itself.

Safety tips for a safe home

Smart locks- Smart locks have the ability to be controlled by the parent from afar. If you know your child always walks in at 3:15 you can set the door to unlock then. Or if they are going to be late with an after-school activity you can unlock it from your Smartphone at the new designated time. No more sitting in a meeting worrying if your child locked the door after they came home.

Monitoring alarm systems – Another great safety feature is you can monitor who comes in and out 24/7 with an activity log on your Smartphone.

Once a child is safely at home, you can arm or disarm the alarm system from your phone or computer. Managing the home environment is easy too.

Now that your child is safe inside, you can also monitor what he/she does with internal IP video feeds. Children appreciate rules and routine so this kind of parental involvement, even while you are at work can add needed structure to their day.

But again most of the security tips begin with the parents itself. For people who don’t have security alarms, it’s important to install one if you are a working parent. Secondly, identify the vulnerability of your home. This requires you to sit down and have a chat with your kids about the dangers of being alone at home. If you have a security system installed teach them about how it works and when they have to more alert.

Make sure they who to let inside the house and whom not to. Teach them to first look through the peep hole or the window, before they open the door for anyone. Leaving out all the technology behind safety, one of the best ways to ensure safety is by having a Dog. While most people might think that having a pet could be harmful to children, it isn’t so. Once you bring in a dog and train him, even the security systems are not needed. This keeps everyone around your home aware.

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