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Room By Room Inspection checklist

Posted by Article Author on March 23, 2017
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Kitchen- It definitely has to be spacious, most people do not consider looking for a spacious kitchen but it is needed. A kitchen is a place of bonding and conversation, even during family meetings, this is where there’s most chaos. So space is important.

Room Inspection Checklist

Make sure the kitchen is ventilated well. For safety purposes, this is a key factor. As there would be a lot of electrical appliances there have to be provision for this, not just storage but plug points as well. Make sure there are enough cabinets, and if in case they are providing you with other necessities make sure to test the self-life for each of it.

It’s always best to keep the kitchen at a distance from the bedrooms. It’s a noisy place and you don’t want noise near your bedroom, also again as a safety precaution it’s better that the kitchen is kept at a distance.

Living room – The only thing you need to be sure of when it comes to the living room is that it’s spacious enough to accommodate your furniture. Another thing what most people look at is whether the dining area and the living room are connected. It’s better to have these two separated to provide more space for both cases.

Bedroom – Now what you need to check for in a bedroom is fairly simple. Make sure that it has its privacy away from all the noise. Never go in for a bedroom that is connected to the living room. This would extremely disturbing. Also make sure that the closets, if any, are well furnished. There needs to be ample space to accommodate your closet otherwise.  Also, you would need a dressing table if not provided, make sure there is space to accommodate all such furniture. If the room has wooden flooring make sure you inspect it carefully.

Other than this the other common things to have on your checklist is to make sure that all the doors and windows have a functional lock system. Make sure that the lighting is sufficient in every room based on your need. Make sure that all the water lines and other necessities in the bathroom are functional as well, if any leakage report it or get it fixed.  Also, another important point is to make sure that there is enough ventilation in the bathrooms and kitchen.

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