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Points to remember while designing a home library

Posted by Article Author on March 4, 2017
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It’s always good to have a place in your own home where you can have some alone time. For most of us, this space is what we call the library or the drawing room. Books are always giving you your space but you also need to know how to design a home library. There are few conditions that you need to tick off your checklist before building your own library.

designing a home library

  • Space – Always make sure you know the kind of space you have. It helps you understand how exactly you’d have to use it. If you have quite a lot of space you could have a separate room itself. But in case if you have a small space maybe what you could do is have a little bookshelf, with some comfy furniture around.
  • Storage – Most of the home libraries are not just bookshelves but storage places, for books and other forms of stationary. If you have quite a number of books that cannot all be displayed you might want to provide storage for the rest.
  • Shelves – Get your library some really strong shelves. Obviously, when you’re going to have quite a lot of books on a horizontal plane, chances of it giving way and breaking down is high. What you could do for this is change it up. Don’t go in for the traditional horizontal plane, you can have an inclined plane, a hanging shelf which is the trend these days. With inclination, the weight is distributed as well.
  • Lighting – We have all been told to read only with good lighting. So it’s natural that if you have a library at home. You’d want to choose a place which has enough natural light during the day. Artificial lighting can always be provided but it’s always good to let the sunlight fall in.
  • Furniture – You can practically read anywhere you want and at any time. But a few people do need the suitable kind of furniture as well. What you could have is the assortment of the right kind of furniture, which includes chairs; sofas maybe even bean bags for a few people.
  • Support your floors – It’s important to have really good flooring as any book lover would know that books could get heavy. That is why it’s better you have your library on the ground floor instead of any higher floors.
  • Use the room space – If you don’t have enough space in terms of breadth you could use the height of the room. Right from ground till the ceiling, you could go vertical with the way you place your books.
  • Organize – This wouldn’t be a problem if you don’t have as many books. But if you do its always better to arrange them in a particular way. Most of them would go for the alphabetical way because well it’s a universally adopted way of arranging books. Anyone going through your library would find the book they want if you do this.
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