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Painting Services – Homes, Apartments, Commercial Complexes

Posted by Article Author on November 26, 2015
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Painting Services

We offer a variety of painting services for Individual Homes, Apartments and Commercial Complexes. With us, your properties will get the best treatment and colors so as to increase the look of the interiors and exterior.
Steps Involved:

Pre-Inspection– This includes a complete checkup of the walls that surround your house.

Preparation– Our expert vendors will make use of special device that will determine the thickness and the quality of the walls. The painting will commence after successful completion of this process.

Painting Work– Our experts prepares the wall or the surface to shield against the harmful weather. This is done by applying a coat of high quality filler into the walls. Our painting package will include a complete work to maintain the quality and the beauty of your property. We choose odor less paints to keep the home away from the pungent paint smell.

Post Painting Clean-up– After the job, our workers will clean the premises and leave the place just like you handed over in the beginning.

10 Types of Painting Services We Provide:

1. Exterior Painting: We undertake this service and have high quality paints to shield the homes from changing weather conditions. Our experts apply best techniques while painting.

2. Interior Painting: To transform the interior of your home, we make use of subtle colors. The paints will be free of odor and harsh chemicals.

3. Residential and Commercial Painting: We undertake bulk projects and aim in timely delivery of the same. We promise to not to compromise on quality of the paints.

4. Graffiti Removal: We are equipped with both water based and oil based paints to keep the graffiti away from your exterior walls.

5. Wall Paper Removal and Plaster Repairs: Along with paints, we provide services to remove the wallpapers and do all sorts of plaster repairs. Our experts will make use of best equipments to maintain the wall quality.

6. Pressure Washing and Cleaning: After any installation, if you are in need of cleaning services rely on us. We imply fast and effective pressure washing techniques.

7. Property Maintenance: We undertake the maintenance services to keep the property well painted. Our workers will fulfill the needs of every home and its premises.

8. Two Pack Coatings: With us, you will get the best automotive finishing. Our two pack paints are formulated to provide the walls a matte finish and enhance their look.

9. Water Damage Repair: If the walls have undergone any damage, call us! Our expert vendors will offer all the help to repair your damaged wall.

10. Mold Removal: Our aggressive methods will keep your home and its exteriors free from the mold.

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