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All that you need to know about Akrama Sakrama

Posted by Article Author on March 3, 2017
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Akrama Sakrama is a housing scheme that has recently been approved by the Government of Karnataka. What it basically does is regulate properties that have been built on illegal land or are not in accordance with the approved plan. In regularizing them they try to refrain from demolishing these buildings as much as possible. But this scheme is now applicable only for buildings that have been constructed before the 19th of October 2013.

Know about Akrama Sakrama

What does it do?

So this is how Akrama Sakrama functions. If the property that is under violation is 25 or less than 25 percent then the amount payable will be 8 percent of the totally property under violation in accordance with the market value of the land. If it’s between 25 to 50 percent then it would be 10 percent. If it’s anywhere more than 50 percent then the building will be pulled down

If the owner has constructed a building illegally and hasn’t applied to regularize it by this scheme then electricity and water connection will be cut for the entire building. Also, this property will be given a B Khata and not an A khata. Which means until the builder applies for the scheme he will not get an A khata. This will in-turn affect the sale of his property.

Good and the ill effects

Once a property is regularized it goes from a B Khata to an A khata. Also because of the money paid for it to get regularized, it’s going to be on a slightly higher price range.  The government aims at beautifying our city with the huge sums of money that they would get from this scheme. They aim at giving us better roads, good water supply etc.  It also means that if these buildings are not going to be demolished even if they are on the faulty side, increased property in the real estate business. One would argue that since the prices are going to be higher for these buildings wouldn’t that effect the business? But actually, it wouldn’t because as long as it has an A Khata and is secured legally by the government there are always buyers.

Obviously, with all of these happy endings, there is a long term effect that nobody is paying attention to.  If these buildings have gone against regulations then technically it’s unsafe to inhabit. And just by paying a good sum of money it doesn’t fix the fact that it has not been built according to safety norms and rules of the government. If it is encroaching public place like parks as such, it doesn’t pose a threat to safety yet it is a law that has broken. Rules that are in the interest of the public needs to be protected and safe guarded.

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