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Design tips for a pooja room

Posted by Article Author on March 4, 2017
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Pooja rooms are a must for most people. But moving away from the traditional pooja rooms, there are other ways of having the same essence. Here are a few ways that show you how.

  • Carved doors – When you have enough space to have a separate pooja room itself, covered doors add to the aesthetics of the pooja room.  It lends a very traditional divine appearance to your home. Also what most people do is hand bells in the carved door, making it seem like a little temple that’s in the house.
  • Corners – For people with space constraints this would be an ideal way of designing your pooja room.  What you could do is choose the right corner space and either have a carved out wooden section as your pooja room, some people prefer marble. It could be high or low, that is either based on the ground with a little carpet before it or maybe on a table or shelf above the ground.
  • Wall attached – These are mostly wooden structures. Hardly few would be made of stone or marble. Wooden structures are a more feasible idea when we speak about attaching it to the wall. Again it works well for people with space restraints, although since it would be protruding outwards you’d like to have it in a room that isn’t very congested.
  • Platforms – You could have a slightly elevated platform right in front of your pooja room, or section. This works if you don’t have a pooja room but just a section of the room that’s built for this purpose. It could be one wall in the room that’s the pooja area with an elevated platform.
  • Right kind of light – Just as light is a grave requirement in every other home space, so is it for a pooja room. Most of the people feel like it always has to be illuminated. What you could do is have different types of lighting, lamps; candles, etc. make sure that it adds warmth to the area.
  • Storage space – What most people do is utilizing the shelves kept for storage needs as a pooja area. It provides you space; it’s already built in so there wouldn’t be any added adjustments which have to be made.
  • Showcasing – In case you want to restrict the space occupied, you could maybe have a small showcase or a painting in a glass enclosure.  All of this works when you have a really great glass work that would suffice on its own.
  • Alter – A higher pedestal for all the holiness is always a good idea. You can have an alter which will obviously be high up, thus giving you enough space for everything else. Pictures, with the holy book and lights, would make it look just as aesthetic as a pooja room.
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