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Advantages of Builder floors

Posted by Article Author on March 5, 2017
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Real estate in Bangalore has grown significantly in the past few years. With more people coming in from different parts of India and even the world, the real estate market has really seen a lot of growth.  The properties available have not been restricted just to apartments, or independent houses but different kinds of property that one can own. One of these kinds is builder floor property. Builder floor properties are not high raised buildings. They are low raised buildings with a maximum of four floors.  Here are a few advantages of buying a builder floor property:

Advantages of Builder floors

  • Privacy – This is a feature most sought out by every person who is looking to buy property. A builder floor is mostly a single based unit which means on each floor there will be only one flat, thus providing privacy. As we live in a day an age where our privacy is something we pay for builder floors are hence slightly higher priced.
  • Water and electricity – Each floor will have a separate water and electricity connection, thus reducing disputes that are usually faced by people who live in apartments.
  • Higher premiums and higher returns – Builder floors are a good investment because there will always be a demand for it in the real estate market. Thus if you plan on selling the floor that you have bought you will get the good return for your investment as well.
  • Independence- Unlike apartments where there is a certain maintenance that you have to pay, with builder floors you are exempted from this.
  • One site parking – Most builder floors are situated in communities with a one site parking available. This further makes it easily accessible for you and also reduces any sort of hustle that you think you might face in terms of parking spots.
  • Community – Most of these properties is situated in residential areas. Thus it will form good means of getting to know the people and the locality. This also gives you the liberty to choose the best locality as most of these builder floors are situated in the heart of the city. This is because most of it is old, independent houses that have been renovated.
  • Cost Efficient – Even though I mentioned earlier that most of these properties are expensive it still helps in saving money when we compare it to independent houses. Just like independent houses builder floors give you the same kind of liberty and privacy only for a better rate.
  • Renovation – Most of these builder floors can be upgraded and renovated in case after buying you have plans of selling it or renting it out. As there would already be a tie up with the land owner and the builder, things could be easier for you.
  • Safety – Unlike apartment’s builder floors are definitely much safer because of the fact that they’re low raised buildings. In a case of a fire or any such calamity, it’ll be easier to vacate the building as compared to an apartment.
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