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8 things a seller can expect from a real estate agent

Posted by Article Author on March 4, 2017
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Real estate agents are in huge demands these days. Most of them need a real estate agent to show them around and help in purchasing the property. So usually they’re there to help buyers but obviously, this means that they are favoring sellers as well. Thus we see a number of sellers also employing real estate agents these days. Being a seller here are 8 things that you can expect from your real estate agent.

seller may expect from an agent

  • Listening skills – Technically Pricing the property rightfully should be the first on the list, but then how is that possible if you don’t have an agent with good listening skills. Make sure that your agent is able to communicate in the right way with you. If your agent is unable to understand your wants and requirements then the rest of the process won’t move as smoothly as you’d want. Hence make sure that your agent is a good listener.
  • Price right – The agent has to price the property rightfully. When I said that your agent has to know your wants, doesn’t mean the pricing has to be unrealistic. This takes experience and knowledge about the business. Your agent also has to know the area you are living in and the kind of buyers that your property would sell to.  If you price too high and you don’t get any buyers, then it would like there is a defect with the property. This is obviously not good for business.
  • Marketing is always a need – If you are a real estate agent you need to know how to do this. It requires all of your skills, creativity, communication, socializing skills everything. You need to get an agent who knows the kind of market that your house would sell to. He should also know the way in which it will be marketed best. Pictures! Pictures are a must. It’s the first thing that people go for when they see a property online. Make sure your agent knows how to take neat aesthetic pictures.
  • Communicate – As I mentioned before an agent has to have good communication skills. This includes listening and talking. Not just with you as the seller but also the buyer. Buyers look for people who know their job and are assuring. Also, your agent will be the medium of communication between you and your buyer. Hence he/she must be able to communicate all negotiations and queries smoothly without a problem.
  • The Quality of buyers – Since you would be communicating with your buyer only through your agent; he has to do a good background check on the buyers. Make sure they’ve all got a clean chit and are according to the guidelines set by the seller. It’s also important to make sure that they are buyers who are comfortable with the pricing otherwise there might be problems when you’ll try to negotiate.
  • Connections – This is probably why you’d want an agent who’s got the skills to socialize. It’s important to make a good set of contacts. This, in turn, would help you market well too. Reaching out as much as possible, getting a good probability of potential buyers.
  • Negotiating skills – Every agent is expected to be able to negotiate as well as possible. The aim being that you keep both the buyer and seller in mind when you do so. It’s unethical to play the cards according to one’s own benefit. The agent should be able to negotiate till it’s a win-win situation for all if the seller is sure that this is the perfect buyer.
  • Attend showing – It’s important for a real estate agent to be there at the time of showing. As for one, it is the time when the buyer doesn’t look at the house just virtually but in real. If there are any queries or doubts regarding the property the agent should be there to handle it. It is important to give the buyer assurance.
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