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8 photography tips for Real Estate agents

Posted by Article Author on March 6, 2017
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We spoke about ‘Things to expect in your real estate agent earlier.’ One of the things that were mentioned was ‘good photography for good marketing.’  While most real estate agents higher professional photographers a few of them decide to be a pro at it themselves. Here are a few tips for them:

photography tips for Real Estate agents

  • Use a wide angle lens – Don’t go for the number megapixels just get a camera which has a wide angle lens. This gives you better definition. In the sense that since it provides a wider image it also provides depth to the picture.
  • Use a tripod stand – It just helps when you want angle which might need you to position yourself in an uncomfortable posture. This could also get you a mediocre picture and not a real wow one. Tripods help in positioning the camera at the right angle.
  • Space and natural light – These are things that add to the aesthetic sense. Even when you have a buyer the first thing they look for are these things. Houses are also built in a way that includes these two aspects to their full potential. Focus on these aspects as much as possible.
  • Focus on the best aspects – Bring into a picture the best features. Just like I said focus on space and natural light, it’s also important to focus on places that have a good lighting system as well. Get angles that show illumination. Mirrors give an illusion of more space. So you might want to focus on such things.
  • Carry light stands – In case the lighting ain’t enough this would help. Especially for corners that need a little light and closets as well. We all know that closets are important for every tenant.
  • Add a little detail – In order to enhance the surroundings, you could add a little something, like a flower vase, or a few books on the table, food, anything like that. But make sure that the focus doesn’t shift and it’s only used to add a little detail.
  • Always landscape or horizontal angle – Don’t go in for the vertical angle that we usually click on our phones. The best way to give the buyer a complete view is by using landscape or a horizontal angle.
  • Edit – People might say no to this because they want to keep it real. But you don’t have to add effects as Snapchat does. But just a little that may add to exposure and give a little color. Especially when it’s an outdoor picture. Adobe Photoshop helps you edit it according to your liking.
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