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10 ways to generate leads as a real estate agent

Posted by Article Author on March 5, 2017
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Leads are important in any form of business. For a real estate agent, it’s most important as it means more people and more contacts. Buyers and sellers both need to be given based on their course of action. Here are a few tips to generate leads:

generate leads as a real estate agent

  • Send messages to past clients – keep in touch with past clients. Send the emails or messages on offers, calendars maybe, reminders of events. Wish them on festivals and other occasions. Just make sure they remember that you are still in business.
  • Calls clients – Specifically speak to clients don’t leave messages. Wake up early and plan a schedule. So that you don’t mix it up and know what to say to each of them.
  • Arrange for meetings – Meet with clients on a regular basis. You can either have set meetings or call them for lunch or coffee. Arrange all of it at the same place, it would save you time and maybe get the clients to meet each other as well.
  • Create a website/blog Create a website and post anything from pictures to articles. Pictures that would probably interest them in the kind of property you have sold or are going to. Articles’ giving them tips on either how to buy or sell a property. These are things that could get you a good audience.
  • Real estate attorneys/financial planners – Make sure you have a few contacts of attorneys and financial planners, insurance agents, bankers’ etc. attorneys that deal with property issues help in building on leads. For clients who have probably sold a property and returned with a big sum of money would be interested in financial planners.
  • Take part in social events – Put up stalls or take part in events that help you socialize a bit more. When there’s fair for property, homes, etc take part in it. Attend trade shows as well, go in with a good set of pamphlets and visiting cards.
  • Request for referrals – If you have happy clients request them to refer you to people looking for a real estate agent. You can even ask them to rate their experience on your blog as well.
  • Attend and throw open houses – This is one of the best ways to open your business and get clients. When you attend an open house clients feel much more assured about you as a real estate agent. It because they’d be looking at everything for themselves. Throwing one of these events would also get you, new clients, every time.
  • Be involved with the community – Get yourself involved with what’s happening in and around your community. Make sure they know that they have a real estate agent living in the locality. Help around with community work and get involved during festivals, or annual days etc.
  • Target groups – See who would be interested in probably buying or selling a property. Maybe someone who would be extending their family, getting married, having a baby etc. immigrants and college students are another set of people. That’s why it would be a good idea to advertise in colleges during a fest.
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