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10 Best Developing Localities of Bangalore for Investment

Posted by Article Author on December 8, 2016
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Indira Nagar

Indira Nagar is one of the happening hubs of Bangalore. Located on the east of Bangalore, Indiranagar is a residential and commercial neighborhood. Initially, Indira Nagar was seen to accommodate independent, large bungalows, which exist even to this date, also making it one of the expensive areas of Bangalore. One will predominately find Kannada speaking people over here.

The Sangeetha Sabha is a community at Indiranagar that hosts seminars, puppet shows, instrumental concerts and many other cultural activities. Other than this the Indiranagar club is a popular recreational hotspot but expensive as well as fees go up to 10 lakh. The area also encloses three well-known schools: National public school, Frank Anthony public school, and New Horizon Public school. Apart from all of this, the best-known feature about Indiranagar is the number of eateries, clubs, and restaurants in the locality. There isn’t a person whose taste buds would go unsatisfied when in Indiranagar.

Indiranagar is the best for a big investment, even with the increasing rates of property people are willing to pay as much as Rs3000 to Rs 50000 for a home only because of the grandeur of the locality. The returns in this area have recorded a 375% rise investment.

Sarajapur Road

Sarjapur is the upcoming real-estate hub, located in the southeast of Bangalore. The key reason for the growth of real estate in this area is because of its proximity to outer ring road and other IT hubs like Electronic city, Whitefield, Marathalli. The area saw a demand for property the minute Infosys and Wipro suggested the establishment of their respective projects in the area.

One of the key reasons why this area is good for an investment is because of the range of properties. It caters to the needs of middle-class people who go for 1 and 2BHKS and also the slightly higher end peoples who prefer 4Bhks or villas. There are always a wide variety of choices to choose from. At present, there are 289 ready to occupy properties and 21 that are under construction. The costs of 2bhks are approximately Rs. 22,000 in the area.


It’s a new age city in the north of Bangalore. It’s divided into two parts one is the old town and the other is the new town. Being easily connected to Kempegowda International airport and also having a good connectivity through rail and road, Yelhanka is on its way to being the real estate hub of Bangalore. If you’re looking for a place away from the city yet connected this is it.

It’s also considered to be a female friendly neighborhood with a 46% of its inhabitants being females. This works for people looking to make smaller investments as the rent for a 2BHK is approximately Rs.12, 000. Correctly named as Yelhanka “new town,” it is a town in its own way with schools such as Canadian International School, VIBGYOR, and hospitals as well.


Hennur is located in North Bangalore along Banaswadi, Kalyan Nagar HRBR layout etc. Hennur saw a surge in residents as the IT area on the other side of Outer ring road saw a boon. Its plus point; proximity to the airport which is a key for most business officials.

The rent for 2 BHK’s is approximately Rs. 18,000. 80% of the properties people go for are apartments, 11% for houses and 20% for plots and land; hence real estate business is on the rise over here. With Manyata Tech Park In the vicinity, it serves as a residential area for employees. The reason why this area is believed to see more growth is because of the building of a flyover which results in a better and faster connectivity.


Whitefield is located East in Bangalore. Again being a residential area for IT professionals this area is seeing a growth when it comes to real estate. With huge malls like Phoenix market city, this is the happening place in Bangalore.

To name a few things that you can only find in Whitefield: the city’s only dog café for dog lovers (their pup), largest theatre Gold Imax at VR Bengaluru, a lake farm which is also a restaurant , with the only H&M store in Bangalore, and many other things one can do only in Whitefield. As you can see Whitefield is becoming one of the happening places of Bangalore creating a great demand for real estate. The rent for a 2 Bhk is approximately Rs. 21,000.


It is one of the biggest suburbs in Bangalore divided into 6 stages with the 6th one being the biggest. Located in south Bangalore this is another one of the areas that saw a considerable growth in population due to the Outer ring road. It is a Hindu dominated area with a number of temples.

It’s a vast area that spreads from Mysore road to Kannakpura road. The rent for a 2 BHK is approximately between Rs.12, 000 and 13,000. There are many higher education institutions in the area thus creating a demand for PG’s or houses on rent. At the moment there are roughly 200 projects which have been completed and waiting for occupancy.

K R Puram

Krishnarajpuram popularly known as KR Puram is a residential area of Bangalore. It’s known for the market here which is one of the biggest markets and attractions. Every Tuesday a ‘santhe’ is held to help farmers with their trade. KR Puram has got a brilliant connectivity being at the crux of Old Madras Road and Outer ring road. Making it an apt place to settle down in. even though the airport is 40kms away, there are airport buses that are frequent to the area.

It also accommodates a number of government offices having a 71% literacy rate, and a ratio of 48% women and 52%males. The rent for a 2BHK is between Rs. 11,000 and Rs.12, 000. With talks of road widening in the area, this could lead to better roadways thus paving the way for real estate.


Devanhalli is a rural area of north-east of Bangalore, with two upcoming IT companies an aerospace park and many other upcoming projects it’s believed to be the next real estate hotspot. Due to the Devanhalli fort, there has been a significant amount of tourists in the area as well, creating a demand for trade and stay.

There is no set rent which can be expected as most of the properties available are in the form of plots. Being just 5kms away from BIA (Bangalore international airport) and with the outer ring road connecting it to the city it’s a convenient area for the stay.


Budigere is located in the southern part of Bangalore. It is a rural area, yet due to the rise of development in the area real estate is in demand. Due to the KR Puram and Budigere stretch its created a better connectivity to Whitefield and other IT hubs in the city thus making Budigere a residential area.

As it hasn’t been entirely occupied there are vacant lands available and the land value has gone up by 2%. It’s connected to all modes of transport as it is in proximity with KR Puram. It also consists of schools such as Baldwins International School, for shopping you have Big Bazaar. In future, they see to broaden roads thus making it a more easily accessible locality.

Kannakapura road

Kannakapura is a small town situated 55kms left of Bangalore. The biggest plus point is that it’s in the middle of the lush greenery that the city seems to be lacking now. It’s famous as a tourist spot, thus creating a demand for stay, trade and other such requirements. Even though it seems to be far away from the city it’s got an excellent road service in the form of buses facilitating easy access.

This locality is for the ones who like the countryside more than the city but still prefer being connected to it. The rent for a 2 BHK is approximately Rs. 13,000. But as it is seen no suburb stops growing, it’s the same case over here. With better roads being laid down, a higher demand for land is seen in this area.

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